1. Rynn Day’s amazing fashion film for Dior Homme

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  2. Philip Glass composed music to video for Sesame Street “Geometry of Circles” in 1979

  3. (copied from It’s Nice That)

    Celebrating the perfect imperfection of circles by Thomas Brown and Lightning + Kinglyface.

    If you’ve ever whiled away time (in a coffee shop or solicitor’s office say) by trying to draw the perfect circle you’ll know how ruddy frustrating it can be (damn you last minute bump!). But hang on, it turns out there’s a theory that it’s an impossible task to even create the perfect circle in this world as some outside influence will always distort it however minutely.

    Superb photographer Thomas Brown and brilliant set design duo Lightning + Kinglyface have teamed up to explore this idea, “creating the most perfect, imperfect circles, embracing improbability, chaos and letting the world around us disturb mathematical perfection to make beauty.”

    The project, called 2-(y-b)2 = r2 (the equation of a circle) has been released gradually over a six-week period and as you’d expect from such talented creative minds the results have been breathtaking, using smoke, sugar, fabric and bubbles to make their point that the pursuit of perfection is a Sisyphean endeavour.


    Thomas Brown studio

    Lightning and Kinglyface

  4. Josef Albers - Cables

  5. YAYOI !

  6. Wassily Kandinsky

  7. Fernand Leger

  8. Alexander Rodchenko

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  11. circlecircle:

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  12. Herbert Bayer


  14. Oskar Fischinger